Teacher - eng. ver.

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All of us meet hundreds or even thousands of people, and each person more or less stays in our memory. There will be those we would like to forget about but also some who will become our devoted and faithful friends. There may also be those we will want to spend the rest of our lives with. What will you do—befriend and meet from time to time or simply be friends on FB? That is your choice. Adam met such a person, somebody exceptional, but he did not have the opportunity to do either the first or the other. Adam could not do anything. She was married. He had a wonderful adventure with her and decided to write a book about her, which is titled “I Only Met Her Just to Write a Novel about Her.” Under this title, an unbelievable story is hidden—though a real one—about a young and very shy man who, for unexplained reasons, only at the age of thirty-three met a woman he fell in love with. By a total accident, Angelika gets to know that Adam had never been with any other woman before. Adam and Angelika become friends, and their romance evolves. As she can see how shy Adam is, Angelika, on the one hand, is extremely fascinated with him, but on the other, she realizes how difficult it is for Adam. Despite being married, she decides to help Adam and leads him into the magical world of intimacy, teaching him how to maintain a sexual relationship with a woman and giving him tips on how to give pleasure. In this story, you can observe a reverse situation to what is most common. This is Adam who panders Angelika’s whims by being her humble servant.

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