Teacher - continuation of the story

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This is Angelika

When I opened my eyes I saw Angelika lying next to me. There was complete silence, no sound of fire which was burning with hot flames the pieces of wood and they were breaking because of them, snapping in the fireplace. I looked and saw that fire was almost put down because I didn't feel that pleasant warmth which had been wrapping us before. I decided to put a few pieces of wood. I approached delicately to the fireplace so as not to wake her up and I started to move inside the fireplace making place for other pine pieces of wood which I wanted to put. When I locked the fireplace, I turned and wanted to go back to Angelika to warm her up with my heat, I wanted to be wrapped with her sexy smell. I stopped suddenly and couldn't do anything. When I looked at her, I started to observe her for a moment and I sat down on a piece of wood. I was looking at her gorgeous figure and pose she was lying in and maybe someone will say I am weird and that I didn't experience too much being excited with the naked body of woman but I was looking at her and thought it is one of the seven miracles.

Never ever had my eyes seen such beauty. She was unbelievably pretty. She didn't have any imperfections. None of the women who I met even accidentally had complexion like her, so amazing skin and beautiful shapes and so wonderful aura. Angelika was sleeping and radiating with happiness and joy. The truth is that I didn't have a chance too often to look at the naked woman and you know about it but it is enough to claim that she was one of the miracles, the ideal creature. I was sitting and looking at her. Angelika should be a model for painters who would keep her perfect beauty and shape for all centuries, for other generations as the evidence of beauty. I was sitting and admiring her womanhood, girlish look, delicacy, sensitivity, sensuality, innocence, virginity, sexappeal and these were all things that I could see in that small creature at that moment.

Angelika was sleeping innocently, smiling. She was dreaming about something pleasant. She deserved to have such dreams. Her angel body was lying on white fluffy as the thick cloud blanket. It was so thick that she was almost sinking in it. Fluff was touching all her body like thick woollen sheepskin coat that we wear for winter. She was sleeping naked exposing her artistic body. Then I reminded that when we were on a trip once, she was sleeping with me. I was dreaming then to have the opportunity to see her again one more time when she was sleeping because that view was truly unique. I should paint her. Yes, that would be the most beautiful painting ever created. If I could paint and if I had the brush, I wouldn't think but I would put the first line from delicate feet, her delicate toes. It would be the most subtle and sensual line that has ever been put by any painter. I would start painting from little toes which were delicately joined together and that put the most sexy foot of a woman. Little toes are decorated with ideally shaped nails put almost at the tops. They were beautifully decorating this part of her body, her shapely, modelled by her pretty hands, her own. I would pull this line more to mark little almost invisible ankle which was decorating her leg on the side. It would be ideal. Moving further, I would draw her shin with delicate curve being more visible at the top starting from the ankle and getting tighter at the knee. It would be very sexy line. Then I would try to mark her tempting knee so that to go with fluent move of the brush and delicately fall at the beginning of its way almost invisibly to the bottom to raise delicately to the top and pull it further to the hips whose shape made me always look at her when she was walking. She seemed to be swimming.

They were ideally shaped, ideally profiled, ideally curved, hiding everything inside, making the man sinking in his dreams about fabulous hips. Her thighs... I miss words to describe them even when I look at them, when I imagine them. Her thighs caused that absolutely every time when I saw them, I broke off the reality. I could look and look feeding my senses when she was moving, putting her ideal feet one in front of the other and her thighs were touching together sensually. It was a fabulous experience. When she wasn't moving but sitting with crossed legs, her thighs, beautiful and with grace were lying on one another.

Simply, fabulous view. The more to the top the more confused you were, you transferred into the other dimension, more beautiful world, full of amazing smells, mystery and delight. Even now when I was moving in my imagination from the knees up, on her sculpted thighs the closer her intimacy I am, the more pleasure I feel, really. Even now when I move up, when my eyes are closed, imagining her, I feel I travel to the magical land which fulfils all the desires, puts down the desire of pleasure, when I was looking at her no matter if she had clothes on or not, she was so beautiful and fit that I was unable to focus on anything else. I am dreaming about her intimacy having the beautiful smell of flowers, of this land of beauty and delight, calmness, the most beautiful land of senses, tastes and stories.

I would follow up with my brush which I would hold in my hand. I would paint ideal shapes. I would draw a line along and slide it down finishing the shape of hips reminding the neck of the swan just to start raising it up to paint her waist. This line would be ideally smooth and long to the shoulders because here I would start drawing her smooth shoulders which were falling on the fluffy blanked, put under the beautiful and ideally shaped head. Before the end of my journey I would bring out the place where looking from the front her wonderful and sensual breasts decorated with the delicate like bells nipples. Her breasts always made me dizzy. They were of unusual shapes and ideal sizes, she simply had the most poetic breasts that anyone could imagine, they were always waving transferring me into the other world. I would paint her face – calm and happy while sleeping – with the beautiful smile no matter if she was sleeping or not, although sometimes it could be difficult for her but she didn't show it and she was smiling beautifully. Oh God, it was the most womanly smile that I have seen in my life. I miss it in everyday life when I can't see it. There are a few things that can be remembered by people in the easiest way – house from childhood, crazy parties, ideal holidays and unique people who distinguished with something. I still see her special smile for which I could deserve a lot, just to see it. I looked at it multiple times and although she used cosmetics really rarely because she didn't have to because her face had ideal colours, lips, eyelashes, eyebrows and cheeks but when she decided for make-up I was looking at her drawing skilfully the ideal line, contour of lips and she was doing in such a natural way, always ideally and she didn't have to correct it ever. It was always absolutely ideal. I loved looking when she was doing so, there was so much freshness, joy in her moves and gestures also when she was making a make up. I loved also looking at her beautiful cheeks which I would try to draw with ideal and beautiful curve. I had fabulous associations while looking at the most beautiful dimple on her chin that was tempting ideally and didn't let me focus my attention on anything else under her sensual lips. One excludes the other but her lips were like that, full of senses, sexy, sensual or wonderful shape but very innocent.

I remember when I told her that it is sexy and she as always said that she didn't like it and she was wondering why I was enjoying with it so much because she had many vices and imperfections and when I asked her or even begged to show me at least one and then I would go and stop admiring her, I was unable to find even one, anything that would be less unique but she was stubborn and showed me: "here, here, I have a slanted tooth". But the only thing I could see was its perfect whiteness, faultless colour and shape and then I laughed again at her because she was trying hard even getting nervous at me saying: "Adam, look at it here. It is slanted". It wasn't the fault but the most beautiful part of her body. Yes, it is strange like that but teeth although their amazing shape and beautiful colour were visible, they were slightly covered with the beautiful lips, so I was wondering what she looked inside if there's such tendency that whatever is invisible is even more beautiful. I was wondering what her liver, lungs or heart look like and I am sure they have ideal shape. Generally her whole skeleton which wasn't visible outside is certainly the most shapely skeleton of a woman.

I remember my first kiss with her, what I felt then. It was magic – impossible to understand by senses. It was so delicate, passionate but very detailed and innocent almost virgin-like, it was girlish but also very womanly although shy. I know what it sounds like but this is the fact. Although it happened many years ago, I remember everything that happened. We were sitting at the table with some papers on the desk. I felt certain absence in the reality. I was there but I felt that I was somewhere else. The world became unreal. All inside of the room was like blurred. All paintings and objects I could see less and less clearly. Only she was real for me. I saw her not only very clearly but I also felt the beautiful aura surrounding her which started to wrap me, my brain and body. Angelika was walking here and there, to the window which she was closing and opening. I felt some kind of heat that she was emitting, started to fill in the whole room and it may seem idiotic but I felt as if it took control over me. In fact I don't know if my body was present there because I felt I was there but didn't feel myself physically. I was present there with my soul. Anyway, I felt her and the overwhelming beautiful aura..

It was like my head, whole brain were controlled by the magnetic power and was pushing or pulling me towards her although subconsciously I was opposite or it was just my will because she was married and what's more she was my teacher. I remember that I lost my free will then. My eyes were covered with the delicate fog. My head, my face, my lips started to get closer to her unnoticeably closer and closer to her beautiful face until I was close enough to feel the delicate and balmy touch of her lips and my lips glued to hers. Just before, I remember the heat whose epicentre was impossible to localize because it was in many places at the same time. I felt it radiating and influencing on my head, belly, heart and lungs. I felt the lips being drier. It's so silly but it was like that. I felt and saw that her lips were emitting that amazing heat, that all body was like that. Despite this, I wanted because that only this heat can put down mine only when I would sink my lips in hers and I felt that amazing smell which her intimacy was emitting. I felt its heat, sexy and intimate smell. Dear God even now when I remind those moments I feel blissfully and amazing heat. I feel that my lips are burning. I would like to put down this fire. Often, when I imagine her, I can smell her lovely smell of her skin and her beautiful intimacy. All that I could feel then, all that I experienced told me that it was the ordinary girl but the angel who had flew down from the sky to lead me on the beautiful path of fabulous experiences, the beautiful path. It was impossibly beautiful. Coming back to her portrait, I'd paint my angel and after finishing I would draw a small and a bit snub nose and a bit higher there would be mysterious eyes whose look made me tremble and this is what I told her about. It is so silly to admit but her look made me hypnotized. What else made Angelika distinguished among all other women? Beautiful ears which make it even today so hard for me to stop fantasizing about them. They were ideal, more ideal than those which you can imagine. They were sexy when they were hiding delicately under hair.


Everything, absolutely everything that was in her caused my huge pleasure – physical and mental – only thanks to looking at her. When I was doing it, when I was looking at her, my every glance at her, her glance at me, every move and gesture, every hair doing, hairstyle blew by the wind, bun, dry hair or wet hair, absolutely everything fascinated me in her. Damn, even motionlessness was the most beautiful motionlessness that I could see. It was full of harmony and poetic. I don't know if someone would understand it but everything was like that. She was like that. I would paint her more, her arms and hands that she always touched me tenderly with causing my pleasure. They were folded like to the prayer, moved slightly under her head. They let her rest, her head which was perhaps full of dreams and beautiful memories just to sleep and rest. Even when she hit me with her small fist because of helplessness, I liked it. Angelika was lying on her right side with legs bent, face directed on me and one of her legs was lying delicately on the other. I couldn't stop looking at her. Her view hypnotized me and pulled me to itself like magnets. Her body didn't let me look in any other direction.

Unbelievable for me although if you saw her you would understand was that I missed her all the time, even when she was close to me, I just missed her. I wanted to her more and more of her. It's like with sweets when we try their sweetness of any candy, we enjoy feeling this taste, we enjoy it, the taste fills us from inside. We enjoy its taste, sweetness of candy and the taste overwhelms our bodies and brain and we melt in this delight and at certain moment this lovely taste finishes and we feel down that it disappeared, so we take one more candy, and again and again just to fill in our desire of amazing taste. I, when I was looking at any part of her perfect body, missed the part which I couldn't see although I had done it before or I was to look at it in a moment. I missed her so much. I wanted to literally cry. When I was looking into her eyes, her lips were seducing me to look at them more, so I did it but whenever I glanced at her lips, I needed her eyes. Or I knew I could look at her breasts and I can enjoy their view and although I knew I would miss her eyes and lips, I looked at her breasts at least for a moment, then at her eyes and neck and lips. It was easy to get crazy of the excess of perfect shapes and beauty and when I didn't see them, I suffered. Every time when I met her, I loved looking at her, her lips, neck, eyes, hair and I still wanted to do it more. I was still hungry of her appearance. Then Angelika often blushed and said:

- Adam, stop looking at me like that, please

Do you remember it?

So, I turned my sight but even then I started to miss her lips.

This time when she was sleeping, I didn't hear even a word and she being completely unconscious that I was looking at her, didn't say "don't look at me like that". I wanted to look at her to the full. I wasn't in the hurry, she was mine then, she was mine for my eyes showing herself beautifully, her shapes, her attributes of womanhood. All of this was accompanied with a strange feeling – on one hand it was happiness because I could be with her and on the other hand it was so painful to want to feed all senses at the same time, the view of every body part separately which was impossible to achieve. She was lying completely naked as God created her. I was sad due to other reasons too. While looking at her I realized one thing. All of the years when I couldn't do it were the lost years.

I was looking at her, I was elated and overcame by suffering simultaneously. If she was my wife, I would lose my mind of happiness and beauty that I could see at the same time and it would make me tired horribly because of that. I must say that it would be the most pleasant pain and torture which anyone could ever experience. I was sitting still and was trying to see her all with my wandering eyes. The heat of the fireplace started to warm her body up more and more, so I sat down closer to her. Then Angelika changed her position and straightened up, putting her sexy body in a different way. Maybe she felt subconsciously that I was adorning her body and wanted to demonstrate her lovely womanly attributes. I was staring at her body, I saw the colour of her skin and the light of fire reflecting on it with the colours of noble amber, more or less intensively. I was looking at her calm face, beautiful neck and breasts, her slim tummy, beautiful thighs and wonderful intimacy that made me the happiest. Maybe she didn't know that I was looking at her and the heat of the fireplace warmed her up. I don't know it. Anyway, she lied down on her back, changing her position. Now she was demonstrating her beauty in amazing position. The view in front of me made me almost pray to her. Everything, absolutely everything seemed so cheerful, like spring, charming and passionate and sexy. Everything was the can one of angel's beauty and I can swear to you that every part of her incredible body was ideal sample. Her beautiful and shiny hair, lying down under her head, with some strands on her shoulders and neck, her breasts presenting proudly on her body, slim belly making all more visible then her virgin bosom and lower her wonderful intimacy. Yes, I know that everyone would say "pussy" but Angelika didn't have "pussy" she had beautiful intimacy, the most beautiful flower of womanhood of fabulously ideal shape, colour, suppleness and charm and most of all – of smell causing that she had the most artistic intimacy that I wanted to taste. Yes, maybe it is so chauvinistic and maybe she will get angry at me but generally she all, from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes with her fingers, thighs, knees, bums, tummy, breasts, shoulders, hands, nails, head, hair, eyes, lips, nose, ears and that dimple in her chin was made to taste.

Her thighs being delicately spread and the fire of the fireplace made me see her clearly. Two wonderful and pinkish petals – juicy and fluffy - were twinkling beautifully with her natural dew and between them I could see the shiny, reflecting in the light of fire stream of wonderful juice. I got closer to her, lied down delicately between her legs and put my lips to her bosom. She smelled in an amazing way, she was emitting sensual smell which I was absorbing through all my senses. Her skin was there ideally smooth, juicy, and fluffy. Simply pinkish, without any faults and having perfect look and shape. It was beautiful. I was lying there still, directly between her thighs, adorning her womanly flavour. My hands were holding her thighs under her bums and then I put my hands delicately on her bosom. I was like that, tasting her smell and her inside, delicately with the tip of my tongue I was smoothing her peach where the juice was shinning. I spent like that long, very long time – exactly between her thighs, hugging her rose. I wish such moments to every man.

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